Long-Term, System Wide Change

Change Through Leadership™, a service of the Institute 4 Life Long Learning (I4LLL), provides your organizational leaders, at all levels, the tools and insights they need to manage change with maximum results and minimal risk. We do this using a comprehensive, online system that prepares organizations to develop, Implement, Manage, and Sustain Long-Term, System Wide Change.

Organizations are our vehicle for change. Large organizations have a difficult time implementing, managing, and sustaining long-term system wide change without the buy-in of the people. Strong group leadership and communication skills are the tools needed to survive system-wide change. These skills mobilize and unite diverse groups of people who may never have worked together before, or who need to work together in a different manner, reducing the resistance to change so often felt when organizations are implementing change. 

Change Through Leadership™ (CTL)  provides the leadership training needed to cut across departmental lines and overcome traditional rivalries (reducing the resistance to change) to meet the organization's long and short-term goals. We work with the leadership at all levels to help align the organization's vision, developing a common language for communication across the organization. 

An added bonus is that participants continue to use the skills and techniques learned during training to meet new challenges. 

 We do this by teaching the concepts at the individual level that can then be transferred to the Work Group, organizational, and community levels. We are NOT a weekend seminar. We work closely with the Work Group leaders in organization for a minimum of 9 months. The website continues as a resource for 3 to 5 years.