On Site training

On Site training

We provide On Site training as well as an Interactive Long-Distance Learning Website using Individualized Curriculum tailored to your organization.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Teaching

We work with Leaders using a Coaching, Mentoring, and Teaching style of instructions. We provide feedback in a timely manner on a regular basis.

Problem Solving

Within the organizational culture, we create overlapping spheres of influence; a learning environment, and an organizational environment for Problem Solving and Making Recommendations for Change.

Theories of Interaction

Theories of Interaction help to create alternatives, choices to develop approaches to situations which allow for change and permit a situation to evolve. They help us to gather diverse information, opinions and to build trust and predictability. 

We work with an organization for 9-24 months

  • Within 9+ months participants learn Theories of Interaction for Change, develop a Common Language, and apply them directly to short term problem solving and making recommendations for change.

  • Within 12-24 months participants are able to combine various Theories of Interaction to Implement, Manage, and Sustain Long Term, System Wide Change.


Educational Instruments

The Educational Instruments ask a number of questions. Each of the Educational Instruments you will use has been created based on a Theory of Interaction.

Individual Level (examples)

At the Individual Level (Individual Profile-IP) we learn:

The Research Based Theory of Interaction and develop a Common Language for problem solving and making recommendations for change.

  • How to behave appropriately in any given situation, context, people involved, task, expected outcome.

Work Group Level (examples)

At the Work Group Level, we apply what we learned at the Individual Level for:

  • Managing a Work Group effective in

    • Problem Solving

    • Making recommendations for change