Individual Profile

An individual assessment of your perceptions of how you prefer to behave; the behaviors you choose which bring you the greatest degree of gratification.

Gaining insights into the patterns you prefer to use when interacting with others provides a Theory of Interaction for understanding how other people prefer to interact.

Theories of Interaction

Adaptability: Focus on the evolving context; Process over Product; How over who and what.

Flexibility: Being able to go with the flow, it is like a rubber band.

Appropriateness: The right response; What fits the task, situation, and people involved as the situation evolves.

Each assessment provides you with a Theory of Interaction to understand your preferred ways of behaving and is also used to understand others’ patterns of behavior. By understanding these patterns, you will acquire a knowledge base which will provide you with a Theory of Interaction with which you will be able to increase or decrease a specific behavior in order to adapt your interactive behavior to the needs of a particular situation, the task, and to the needs of the people involved.