Since 2015, Dr. Susan McCoy has led organizational change across many industries and published on the topic… 

Our Mission

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Change Through Leadership has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major change goals. They continue to research and publish on organizational change.
— Dan Konzen, CIO Advisor Armor

How Change Through Leadership™ works

On Site training

We provide On Site training as well as an Interactive Long-Distance Learning Website using Individualized Curriculum tailored to your organization.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Teaching (CMT)

We work with Leaders using a Coaching, Mentoring, and Teaching (CMT) style of instructions. We provide feedback in a timely manner on a regular basis.

Problem Solving Making Recommendations for Change

Within the organizational culture, we create overlapping spheres of influence; a learning environment, and an organizational environment for Problem Solving and Making Recommendations for Change.


We work with an organization for 9-24 months

  • Within 9+ months participants learn Theories of Interaction for Change, develop a Common Language, and apply them directly to short term problem solving and making recommendations for change.

  • Within 12-24 months participants are able to combine various Theories of Interaction to Implement, Manage, and Sustain Long Term, System Wide Change.

Educational Instruments (EIs)

The Educational Instruments ask a number of questions. Each of the Educational Instruments (EIs) you will use has been created based on a Theory of Interaction.

Theories of Interaction (TOI)

Theories of Interaction (TOI) help to create alternatives, choices to develop approaches to situations which allow for change and permit a situation to evolve. They help us to gather diverse information, opinions and to build trust and predictability. 

Individual Level (examples)

At the Individual Level (Individual Profile-IP) we learn:

  • The Research Based Theory of Interaction (TOI) and develop a Common Language for problem solving and making recommendations for change.

  • How to behave appropriately in any given situation, context, people involved, task, expected outcome.

Work Group Level (examples)

At the Work Group Level (Work Group Profile-WGP) , we apply what we learned at the Individual Level for:

  • Managing a Work Group (WG) effective in

    • Problem Solving

    • Making recommendations for change